The Goal

To encourage believers to pray for the cities in which they live in order to see salvation, healing and restoration take place in the lives of its people.

The Call To Pray

More than half of the world’s population live in cities and according to the United Nations by 2045 more than six billion people will occupy them. Our call as believers is to pray and seek the peace, safety, prosperity and happiness in the cities that we live in. When believers humble themselves in prayer and repentance and begin to seek God on behalf of their cities; healing, restoration and change of hearts begin to take place.
The following are some of the cities that need urgent prayer:
Kabul Algiers Baku Al-Manámah Dhaka
Thimphu Bandar Seri Begawan Bangui Beijing Santafé de Bogotá
Djibouti Cairo Asmara Addis Ababa New Delhi
Jakarta Tehran Baghdad Amman Astana
Nairobi Kuwait Vientiane Tripoli Kuala Lumpur
Malé Bamako Nouakchott Mexico City Rangoon
Kathmandu Abuja Pyongyang Muscat Islamabad
Doha Riyadh Mogadishu Colombo Khartoum
Damascus Dushanbe Tunis Ankara Ashgabat
Abu Dhabi Tashkent Hanoi Sanaá Lima

See change take place in your City

You know your neighborhood and city best, you are familiar with the culture and its history, and hence will be the best person to identify the needs of your city. As you and other believers begin to pray there will be a mighty release of the love and power of God in your city
Accept the call today and join us everyday for five minutes as united prayers go up for cities all over the world.