Welcome to Global Prayer Force

Online prayer groups praying 5 minutes a day for cities

The GlobalPrayerForce is a worldwide network of disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ who wish to obey the imperative in Jeremiah 29:7 and join together to pray to God for their own cities so that the love and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be released to transform their people through the power of prayer.

You know your neighborhood and city best, you are familiar with the culture, history, and people and so you can best identify the needs of your area. There will be a mighty release of the love and power of God in these places as you and millions of other believers are obedient to the call for daily prayer.

Join your local christian prayer group today and start praying five (5) minutes a day for your city.

The Call to Pray

More than half of the world’s population live in cities and according to the United Nations by 2045 more than six billion people will occupy them. Our call as believers is to pray for and seek the peace, safety, prosperity and happiness in the cities that we live in.

Accept the call today and join us everyday for five minutes as united prayers go up for cities all over the world.

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